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SINSATIONAL SNIPPET: Chapter 9, Behind the Celebrity and Nightclub Scene:  the inside story on how Robert Frey and Steve Davidovici teamed up to create Pure Management Group, one of the world’s largest nightclub-restaurant operations. Meanwhile, the watch continues on the investigation into Pure Management Group after the February 2008 raid (Page 145).

cvr300vcsincelebweb“When I misbehave in Las Vegas I know Norm will report it, but he’s always fair. Or maybe he’s just jealous.”

— Hugh Hefner
Founder, Playboy

Norm Clarke’s eye-spy army has been at it again. Norm’s got the scoop on the latest celebrity hi-jinks in Sin City. It’s not all bad – so “it’s all good!” And, it’s all entertaining.

From Paris and Nicky Hilton’s temper tantrums to Criss Angel’s antics. Norm braves the star’s threats, dodges the punches, and tells all.

Ever wondered how the celebs get all the perks? Who tips and who’s a tight-wad? Norm knows, and he reveals, “how Las Vegas’ nightlife actually works.”2for1-graphicweb1

And the one that started it all . . .

vc_cvr_300-web3Norm Clarke brings all his unique experience and incredible access to deliver the ultimate guide to the hottest spots and glittering attractions in Las Vegas.

The first book of its kind, 1,000 Naked Truths compiles the top 10 in 100 categories from hotel spas to celebrity hangouts, from the gratuity hall of fame to the top places to get lucky, from the ultimate bachelor tour to Frank Sinatra’s dressing room. In short, everything Las Vegas!

Whether you’re just visiting or have lived here all your life, Sin City’s ace insider is your dream tour guide to the most incredible city on earth.

1,000 Naked Truths is part guidebook, part cultural history, and part humor, all mixed together to paint one of the best pictures of Las Vegas I’ve come across. Whether you start at page one or select at random, get ready to keep reading. This book is like potato chips. Once you start, you’ll want to devour the whole bag.”

— Megan Edwards
Living Las Vegas


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